Hide and Seek: Child’s Play?

(From June, 2018. Sadly, still relevant) My six-year-old granddaughter and I love to play hide-and-seek. She’s much better at it now than when she was three. In those days she’d announce where she was hiding, “I’m in the closet, Grandma!” and still be surprised and delighted when I found her. Sometimes, now, she actually stumpsContinue reading “Hide and Seek: Child’s Play?”

Too Much at Home for Church

Our pandemic “worship at home” routine started out so well. I set up an altar on our dining room table. A lovely seasonal placemat served as the parament. There were altar flowers, fresh if possible. Two candles along the margins. In the center, the set up for communion: a pair of crystal aperitif glasses, normallyContinue reading “Too Much at Home for Church”

Papers Purged, Memories Kept

On a recent January afternoon I began the long-avoided task of clearing out old files. Specifically, a four-drawer cabinet in the basement that has been the haphazard repository of a zillion pieces of paper for about a zillion years (ok, decades). With a big laundry basket at my feet – our recycling containers were inadequateContinue reading “Papers Purged, Memories Kept”

“But, Wait!”

I am intrigued by the gospel stories that describe the calling of Jesus’ disciples. Mark’s version (1:16-20) is this weekend’s Revised Common Lectionary reading. According to Mark, Jesus has passed the “temptation in the wilderness” test and discovered that John the Baptist has been arrested. In typical Markan fashion, we don’t get details about either.Continue reading ““But, Wait!””

Lessons Learned and Relearned Pandemic 2020

Perhaps it’s too soon for us to be very objective about the year that’s about to pass. Certainly, historians will have much to say in years to come about how we suffered and survived, what forces were at work in the systems and institutions of our time. But I’m a perpetual student, always trying toContinue reading “Lessons Learned and Relearned Pandemic 2020”

Transfiguration: Did you even hear what God said?

If you heard a really inspiring Transfiguration Sunday sermon, or, my dear pastor friends, you preached what seemed like a helpful, grace-filled message that day, good on you! I always thought the Transfiguration was a challenge for preaching. The whole scene- glorious, wonderful as it is – is heavily weighted with Old Testament themes. MosesContinue reading “Transfiguration: Did you even hear what God said?”